Incoronazione di Poppea, Monteverdi

Château de Versailles, janv 2024

“Confoundingly noble, Eva Zaïcik's Octavia is moving from the moment she enters, right through to a lip-smacking "Addio Roma", in which the sighs and restrained breathing serve as much the pathetic force of the scene as the infinite grace with which the text is actually spoken. She also knows how to use the furious accents of the outraged woman, biting and authoritarian, in the scene where she orders the assassination of Poppea.”

Forum Opera 


Capitole de Toulouse, janv 2022

Versatile, animal and raw, the French mezzo is very convincing. Here she is, languidly approaching Don José to seduce him, then rebuffing him, without any emotion whatsoever. When Escamillo enters, she remains seated, her hands firmly on her thighs, her bearing haughty, sure of her seductive power.

Eva Zaïcik's full, warm singing confirms this high-flying stage performance, the quality of the voice's projection reinforcing the intensity of the midrange and the ease of the high notes, while a tiny, perfectly controlled vibrato adds extra warmth to the interpretation.


Opera Magazine


"Eva Zaïcik takes on the role of Carmen with her seductive timbre. The voice is wide, supple and present".



"In the title role... Eva Zaïcik shines with a flamboyance that wins over audiences and breaks hearts".

La Depeche 


Barbiere di Siviglia, Rossini

Capitole de Toulouse, 2022


"She can really do anything", we thought after her triumphant Rosina in The Barber of Seville at the Opéra National du Capitole. Eva Zaïcik admitted to us that she longed to perform this role in an interview conducted shortly after the first confinement.

The French mezzo dazzles us with the consistency of her opulent voice, throughout a wide register, with a solid, sensual lower midrange, ease in her vocalises and other Rossinian acrobatics, not to mention her acting talents (astonishing in farce as in drama), her enthusiasm and her sex appeal. This Rosina, bubbling with life and sung with refinement, now destines Eva Zaïcik for other great roles in nineteenth-century Italy!”

Forum Opera


“Eva Zaïcik, a Rosina with a warm, graceful timbre, is a notable accomplice, careful in her diction and highly expressive. Her long breath allows her to vocalise with ease, moving from the mid-range to the bass or treble with caressing glissandi: her arias are also greeted with acclaim.”





Voix Nouvelles 2018

"With her Malika, in the "Duo of Flowers", the mezzo-soprano Eva Zaïcik (29), revelation to the latest Victoires de la Musique, delights the public with many appearances. With Delibes, the most memorable may be on Offenbach's Grand Duchess of Gerolstein, where she mischievously claims her love for the military; his clear voice is well placed and his stage presence inspiring. Eva Zaïcik is also convincing in Carmen on the Séguédille and even more on "Cruda Sorte", with beautiful highs released and a clear stamp full of confidence. "
Olyrix, 07/10/2018

Phaëton, Le Poème Harmonique

« As soon as Eva Zaïcik begins to sing, she literally transports us, and we share the pain of Libya. »
Culturopoing, 04/06/18


Queen Elisabeth competition


"Second Prize, Eva Zaïcik is undoubtedly the most mature and complete female competitor of the contest and the only one to show alongside her qualities in lied and opera a good match with the baroque world. »
Lesoir, 12/05/2018

« Eva Zaïcik, ventures into a much more varied program that reveals as soon as his Carmen entrance, a beautiful aplomb, not without a certain distinction. She then enters the baroque repertoire with a poignant death of Didon lived as a noble song of abandonment. A short tour through the great expressionistic horizons of Mussorgsky Songs and Dances of Death and we find ourselves in the great simplicity of the Bach of the Passion according to St. Matthew. It remained to complete this exemplary service by a stroke of panache. Rossini's Isabella of the Italiana in Algeri will offer it: the phrase is beautifully carved, the curve of the voice is superb and the vocalise full of imagination. The confirmation of an artist completes by the superb homogeneity of her voice and by the diversity of its uses, the French mezzo asserts itself as one of the most complete musicians of this assignment.  », 04/05/2018

"The power of a voice

Bewitching timbre and economy of means: the French mezzo-soprano Eva Zaicik transcends the evening.Unfair? Some measures sung by Eva Zaïcik are enough to forget those who preceded: already finalist of the latest Concours Voix Nouvelles, the French mezzo-soprano captivates from "The hair" of Debussy. Pauline of "The Queen of Spades", Siebel of "Faust", a resurrected Vivaldi, a shocking Mahler and a brilliant "Folk Song" by Berio will be exceptional moments: without forcing the power or the game, by the intensity and roundness of his warm tone, by the intelligence of the text, Zaïcik fascinates the room. ", 04/05/2018

Le Jardin des Voix, Les Arts Florissants

..."it is the mezzo-soprano Eva Zaïcik who demonstrates a much more assertive temperament than her female accomplices, as much in the merry Strike the viole, touch the lute composed by Purcell for the birthday of Queen Mary, than in the poetic Welcome , black night (A Pilgrims Solace) by John Dowland.", 25/08/2017

Terremotto, Draghi, Le Poème Harmonique

"surrounded by the Madeleine, sumptuous stamp and sovereign style, mezzo Eva Zaïcik "
Journal la Croix, 08/10/2017

"Great nobility, sumptuous timbre, impressive projection of Eva Zaïcik in Mary Magdalene and full of anxiety in her duet with the Virgin at the scene VII: che farà? What will the man do?"


Flûte Enchantée, Les Talens Lyriques

"Delightful seductresses, they charm from the mesmerizing lines where they scrape and caress each other, jusue the movements carried away: Sophie Junker ensured on all the register, Emilie Renard radiant and mutineer, Eva Zaïcik in beautiful roundness."
Olyrix, Charles Arden, 06/11/2017

Dido & Aeneas, H. Purcell - Le Poème Harmonique/ C. Roussat & J. Lubek

"The young mezzo-soprano, Eva Zaïcik, who replaced Mireille Delunsch at a moment's notice, is simply wonderful. What emotion!"

"Tonight she was staggering because the tessitura of her voice is really extended with a warm tone, her highs are brilliant, her bass is deep, her line of song, her power, her diction, her lack of vibrato, these are qualities that she has marvelously demonstrated to us.We can afford to acclaim her final air, this terrible lamento to crack the stones, it was a superb and moving interpretation endowed with a very beautiful musicality.This young singer with her great lyrical voice and warm, is at the beginning of a very great career, we can say to her : THANK YOU!"
Publicsoperarouen, 7 nov. 2016

"Eva Zaïcik has made a  jump in, replacing Mireille Delunsch in the lead role. While she was able to repeat only the very day and seen how intimidating it can be to substitute for a recognized artist, the young mezzo-soprano is worthy of its status of lyrical revelation of ADAMI 2016 (...) Eva Zaïcik pulls Purcell towards a dramatic and generous register..."
Olyrix, Charles Arden, 7 nov. 2016

Orfeo, Cl. Monteverdi - Opéra de Dijon - Les Traversées Baroques / Y. Lenoir

"...Eva Zaïcik embodies a particularly dramatic messenger, carrying the emotions in a most moving way, and with a perfectly appropriate voice, with clear and fluid diction.. " - Hippolyte Darissi​​

"The Messenger of Eva Zaïcik carries a true emotion, and even when we know her story by heart, the way she delivers it to us upsets us.." - Eusebius

"... the extraordinary Messenger of Eva Zaïcik, mezzo with a warm voice, whose irruption and then the story upset us ..." Yvan Beuvard

Il Viaggio a Reims - Rossini - M. Guidarini / E. Cordoliani

« On stage everything was a pretext for music and farce, a pleasant scenography, a totally uninhibited acting game, a uniform vocal distribution in quality, with a special touch for the exceptional performance of the mezzo soprano Eva Zaïcik in the role of the Marquise Melibee, extended range, warm tone, solar treble, deep bass, flexibility of the vocal line, power, clear diction, absence of vibrato... »
​L'Education Musicale - Avril 2015 - Patrice Imbaud

Mitridate, re di ponto – Mozart - D. Reiland / V. Vittoz

« The rest of the cast is clearly dominated by mezzo Eva Zaïcik [...] from "Venga pur, minaccia e frema", the revival of da capo allows her to give more life to the text, to animate her character, and the beauty of the stamp does the rest. »
​Forum Opera - 04/03/14 - Laurent Bury

« And one will not soon forget the admirable air of Farnace "Già dagli occhi", of a poignant tenderness. Eva Zaïcik [...] with famboyante energy and beautifully wearing transvestite, impresses with the authority of her accents, the impact of her high notes and the beautiful color of her tone. In addition, we salute its superb interpretation of the air of which we spoke above, [...] sensitive and with skin fever, the most beautiful moment of the evening»
Classique News - 27/02/14 - Nicolas Grienenberger